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Customer announcements:
Nieuwste release van Akamai Aqua Ion richt zich op het meten en verbeteren van de webprestaties in iedere situatie

Update van Akamai-product voor optimale webervaringen biedt oplossing voor de toenemende complexiteit en diversiteit in de omstandigheden waaronder gebruikers content [...]

Golf aan 2-in-1 apparaten in aantocht, dankzij 4e generatie Intel Core-processors

Intel introduceert vandaag zijn 4e generatie Intel Core processorfamilie, die de basis zal vormen voor een golf aan nieuwe Ultrabooks en 2-in-1 apparaten die [...]


About Communication

What’s happening in PR and Communication:
Ten Reasons for Calling In a PR Agency

1. Homo Digitalis One of the factors that is prompting companies to embrace PR – Public Relations – so emphatically [...]


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Our take on trends and news:

LinkedIn heeft een mijlpaal bereikt en moet dat natuurlijk aan de buitenwereld laten weten. Maar hoe doe je dat? Natuurlijk [...]

Intel en Facebook ontwikkelen samen nieuwe technologieën voor het datacenter

Nieuwe ‘photonic’-architectuur zal het komende decennium zorgen voor radicale vernieuwingen in rack-serverontwerp Intel en Facebook werken samen aan de ontwikkeling [...]

Kodak Files Chapter 11 Bankruptcy – Is the Work Done?

More than ten years. That’s how long I worked for Kodak Nederland as a freelance copywriter and PR consultant. That [...]


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surprising, imaginative, focused

Though our core business is public relations for the IT sector, we work with just as much fervor in other sectors. Always imaginative, creative and focused on results. And sure to surprise you with our take on socially relevant issues.

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professionals in communication

Not just a good team but a great team awaits you at MCS. A talented, experienced team with a good sense of humor, people skills, a deep interest in your business and society, and coffee or tea with a cookie.

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from start-ups to multinationals

MCS positions its customers confidently in the market with knowledge of your business, commitment and common sense. We help you build a robust and strong image for your organization.

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Successful PR is based on an open and honest relationship of mutual trust between the agency and the customer. The PR consultants at MCS are your dedicated business partners.

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Welcome to the website of MCS Public Relations. Are you looking for a PR agency? Then you‘ve come to the right place. We offer a wide range of PR services characterized by years of expertise, experience, passion and commitment. We are go-ahead, curious and dynamic. Although our history lies in the IT sector, our horizons extend much farther. Visit our website to get to know us better and discover what we can do for you.

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